Match Attax

Match Attax Extra

As a business we have recently started selling Match Attax Extra. Personally I used to collect Match Attax before my love of Pokémon TCG came back. Seeing the new set of Match Attax now though has made me want to start collecting these beautiful cards once more. 

The latest collection features a massive 299 cards will all of the latest squad updates along with 100 club, Crystal Parallels, Neon Foil Mega Value and Out of this World cards, Stars of 2021, Topps Heritage MOTM and the famous 101 card. There are also Golf and Scan X Limited Edition cards, New 100 Club Legends, die cut Chrome X card plus refractor parallels. And to top it off you may even encounter lucky packets which contain Autograph cards and Jersey Relic cards inside Mega Tins. 

This set is amazing and looking at some of the cards... well they are just stunning. Ideal to collect for football fans both young and old. 

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