Our Ethics

As a business I want to try and minimalize waste as much as possible. Living on the coast I first hand see what destruction plastic waste can have on our environment. 

To try and combat this, we will do a number of things to reduce our waste as much as possible whilst still delivering your package in top condition. 

We will recycle as much as possible. You may receive your goods in cardboard boxes which we have reused from when we have got stock in from our suppliers. We will only do this with boxes which we believe are in great condition and will protect your goods. 

We use Greenlight packaging for the air cushions in the boxes. These are fully biodegradable and are certified to biodegrade within 12 to 24 months.  

We try to reduce our usage of non biodegradable packaging such as bubble wrap. However there are occasions in which we may wrap our products up in bubble wrap to protect them further. If you are making purchases for your sealed collection and wish all your goods to be wrapped in bubble wrap, please email us at info@jurassiccards.co.uk and we will accommodate this for you. We do encourage you to re use or recycle bubble wrap in the correct manner.