We currently stream most weekends.

Use the referral code: KEL843 when you sign up and if you make a purchase in July on the app you will get a FREE Pokemon pack courtesy of bits!


Bits is a new streaming platform where streamers run auctions lasting for 1 minute (Max) and can start from £1. Download the app, available on both android and ios. 



As a business, we strongly believe in supporting our online communities and those who support us in what we believe in and help us reach out to our customers. 

Please check out the content creators below and drop them a follow and chat.



Spitty is one of our OGs, mainly play's warzone and Apex. He promotes a safe space on his stream and is a massive advocate for mental health. We have personally helped support Spitty and his streams and have even done a couple of 24 hour streams for charity together. 




If you catch one of Nick's streams you will see him either ripping up Battlefront or shredding the ice playing Hockey. One for many laughs and his streams are full of entertainment. He has grown an amazing Discord Community and will welcome anyone with open arms. Check this guy out!