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Jurassic Cards

Akora - Trials of Ikithia - Blister Pack

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Centuries ago, a powerful mage by the name of Tekina, devised a strategy to assemble an elite force, now known as the Alchemy Crusaders, to protect all realms of Ikithia. As a result, a series of difficult trials have been created in an effort to purge the weak and give rise to the most talented Alchemists from across the world. You have fared well on your journey thus far, Alchemist, but do you have what it takes to overcome the legendary Trials of Ikithia?

As you begin your journey into the realm of Tesuto, you will encounter 11 brand new Akora along with some other familiar faces. Players and collectors will be greeted by fantastic artwork created by your favorite Akora artists from the past, as well as receiving an introduction to two new artists on our team! We are also excited to announce the rollout of a brand new character rare relic shard chase that will showcase beautiful renditions of our staple resources, including some of your favorite Akora! A perfect combination to enhance the look of your decks or simply collect and enjoy!

Set Details


• 11 NEW Akora Chains
• 7 REMASTERED Akora Chains
• 18 Full Art Akora
• 18 Full Art Alchemy
• 55 Holographic Akora/Alchemy Cards
• 9 Textured Holo Relic Shards
• 154 Mechanically Unique Cards
• 1 Serialized Box Topper Chase Card

• 18 Exclusive Stage 1 Holo Box Toppers
• 54 Extended Art Akora
• 1 Exclusive Manga Art Card Box Topper
• 9 Serialized Alternate Art Character Relic Shards
• Ancient & Secret Rare Cards – Limited to 5 copies each